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Grand CanyonLast week, we went on a day trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We brought the dog to see how she would do on a long trip, since we are planning an even longer one in the fall. We knew she would not be allowed on most of the trails, but there were three of us going, so we could rotate who hung out with the dog.

BeefaloUpon entering the Park, we were greeted by a herd of Beefalo, cattle-bison hybrids. They are remnants from a failed breeding experiment in the early 1900’s, and have a designated Wilderness Area to live in, but some of them like the Park better. Neither cattle nor bison are native to the area, and the Beefalo herd can get pretty destructive. The Park Service and other agencies are working on a plan to manage the herd better.

South RimThe North Rim is only 10 miles, geographically speaking, from the South Rim, but it’s a very long drive between them. Most people go to the South Rim, which is more developed and easier to get to, which means that it is fairly easy to find solitude on the North Rim. It’s also easier to see the view, and it is at a higher elevation, so it is much cooler in the summer.

Smoke from various wildfires in the area made for a hazy day.

Smoke from various wildfires in the area made for a hazy day.

There was a fair amount of haze in the air the day that we went, but that didn’t take away from the beauty of the canyon.Canyon Walls

Long Way Down

Point Imperial ViewMy favorite view of the day was from Point Imperial, which was about 8 miles off of the main road. There were maybe 20 people there, which was nice.

Century PlantWildflowers were blooming everywhere. One of the viewing areas had two Century Plants growing out of the canyon walls.

Sugar did well during the trip. She behaved herself on the hike and didn’t eat any of the wildlife. I was driving, so I don’t have pictures of her riding in the car, but she had her bed and a friend to rest her head on, so she was happy.