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I picked up book 15, A Reliable Wife, by Robert Goolrick, at our local thrift store. I had talked myself out of buying it when it first came out, and again in a library bookstore, but I gave in this time. I’m glad I did, even though it means that I read a new-to-me book rather than one that’s been waiting for months.

The story starts at a train station in a remote Wisconsin town in 1907, where a wealthy man is waiting for his future wife, a woman who answered an advertisement in a Chicago paper. She is planning to kill him slowly and take his money, and he wants to send her off to find his prodigal son. The complex story trades off between his point of view and hers, and the twists and turns in it were sudden and unexpected. I don’t want to say too much; no spoilers here.

The story reminded me somewhat of Gone Girl, but I liked the characters better. It was skillfully written, with details hidden like Easter eggs throughout the story. Reading the first chapter, I didn’t think I would like the book, and I’m not sure why. Despite that, the story drew me in and wouldn’t let me go; I finished the book in a matter of hours.