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With the start of the summer season, work has gotten crazy, and I’ve gotten behind in my reading and bloggage. And my projects, for that matter. I did finish three books, and I’ll be posting the reviews over the next few days. Book 13 was The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon. I have read other books of hers, liking some but not all of them. This one fell into the “liked” category.

The story is set in the relatively near future and follows Lou Arrendale. Lou is an autistic man working for a large corporation. In the story, medical science has found a way to “cure” autism in utero, but those advances came after Lou was born. His employer buys the research for a treatment that will cure autism in adults, and “offers” the life-changing treatment to its’ autistic employees. The story is told mostly from Lou’s point of view, with occasional chapters from other peoples’ POV when it would advance the story.

This book is not a fast-paced one, but it is compelling. I was drawn into Lou’s thought processes and found myself fascinated. Not being autistic, I can’t say with certainty how accurate those thought processes are, but they mesh with other nonfiction sources. I got more personally involved with his choices than I thought I would, and I enjoyed the book. The ending was not what I expected it to be, but that’s all I’ll say.