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I picked up Inflating A Dog, by Eric Kraft, a couple of years ago at a Friends of the Library bookstore in northern California. The title is what grabbed me, and I’ve held onto the book since then. I finished it last week.

The story follows Peter Leroy through the summer of his thirteenth year, as he tries to determine if his father is really his father, starts dating a girl with a bad reputation, and helps his mother with a shaky business scheme. His mother purchases a dilapidated clamboat with the intent of running elegant evening cruises on Bolotomy Bay. Scattered throughout the book are asides on the meaning of terms, the structure of clamboats, and other seemingly unconnected ramblings.

This book is part of a collection of fictional memoirs written by Eric Kraft, which I did not realize until after I started reading it. There were a couple of places where I was not sure of the storyline, but I picked it back up. After reading the Preface, I was prepared to not like the book, but I ended up really enjoying it. The novel is well-written and funny, and it made me want to read his other novels.