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Hello, sunny weather!

Hello, sunny weather!

Spring has made it to our little town. It’s hard to make myself sit inside and write (or work on crochet projects) when the weather has been so very nice. I started writing this post three weeks ago, and am only now posting it…

In our spare daylight time, we’ve been preparing the yard for the return of warm weather. Our weather has been making that interesting- we’ve gone from sunny and mid-70’s to windy and mid-40’s and back twice in two weeks.

I love the color of beet seedling stems.

I love the color of beet seedling stems.

We’ve turned part of a flowerbed into a little garden plot. We added recycled edging, and then topped it off with some soil and compost. After Sugar started digging holes in the garden, we put the fencing back up. I started radishes and beets in our little garden plot a few weeks ago, and next week I’ll plant the rest of the veggies. I’m ridiculously excited about gardening this year.

Tomato Seedlings

They are much bigger now.

Inside, I’ve got six varieties of heirloom tomato seedlings growing, as well as eggplant, mini bell pepper, and a clipping from an ornamental cabbage. The mini bell pepper seeds have not wanted to sprout for me, so they got replanted, and now seem to be doing ok.

I started Imperial Star artichokes from seed early last month. This picture is from three weeks ago; the seedlings now have true leaves in.Artichoke Seedling

We also picked up a new toy for Sugar. She was nervous about the new “monster” at first, but quickly decided that it was the best thing ever on a warm day.Sugar Pool 1Sugar Pool 3 Sugar Pool 4