"What do you mean this is for books? All boxes belong to me. It's in the contract."

“What do you mean this is for books? All boxes belong to me. It’s in the contract.”

I am a bibliophile. A book lover. New books, old books, if it looks interesting, I’ll usually pick it up. Which is how I ended up with several shelves of books to be read, and why I made the New Year’s resolution that I did.

I saw an article a few weeks ago about bookcases. I don’t remember the title, but the article was about decorating bookcases. It involved organizing the books, and then putting knick knacks and picture frames and other decorative things in the empty spaces. Empty spaces? My first thought was “This person doesn’t have enough books.”

Before I moved to Arizona, I had amassed such a collection of books that they were double stacked and still overflowed my shelves. When I started packing to move, I was absolutely ruthless with my collection. Any book that I was iffy about was removed, as was any book that I intended to get in a new form. Before you panic, by removed, I meant either given to a friend or donated to the local thrift store/Friends of the Library bookstore. I ended up removing six probably-too-large-to-carry-comfortably boxes of books from my shelves.

Now it is almost a year, and two new bookcases, later. I managed to be good about books until January, only buying ones I really, really wanted to read. But when I made my New Year’s resolution, all of my good intentions went out the window. The resolution made it “ok” for me to get books that looked interesting, and I’ve read several of them already (in place of books that have been in my TBR shelves for years…)

In the past two days, I have gotten ten new-to-me books, with another eight on the way. I just recently joined PaperbackSwap.com, initially as a way of finding homes for some of the many books I’m not going to reread, and filling in books I’m missing from a series or replacing books that have been loaned and not returned. It has ended up becoming a way for me to get more books for the TBR shelves. My husband just shakes his head when I come home with another stack. He’s a reader, too, but perhaps not as voracious as I.

I had been moving through TBR books at a decent pace, but I picked up a nasty illness this past week. Illness and stress send me scurrying for comfort food for my brain- books I’ve read over and over. The TBR books have stayed unread these past few days while I dove into old friends.

I am a bibliophile. I admit it, and it has gotten bad (again). I have not gone down the path of bibliomania, collecting books just to possess the printed word. All of the books I have, I’ve either read or intend to read. It’s just taking me longer than I intended…