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Pitiful Kitty...

Pitiful Kitty…

About once a month, usually a few days before we apply flea and tick medicine, Sugar gets a bath. By that time, Sugar’s coat is noticeably less shiny and she is starting to smell “doggy”. Over the months since we adopted her, baths have gotten both easier and harder. She has gotten more used to them, so she fidgets less in the tub and doesn’t try to jump out. She has also gotten bigger and heavier, which makes it more difficult to get her down the hall and in the tub once she realizes what’s going on.

Today, I decided to give Cricket a bath as well. Not all cats need bathing, but with her allergy and skin issues, she does. Her baths only happen when she really needs them, which is about once every four to five months. She’s fairly well behaved during them. For a cat.

Cricket’s bath came first, since bathing the dog first would give everything away. Her baths involve prepping the bathroom by turning on the heater, grabbing a couple of towels and a plastic cup for rinsing, pulling out the cat shampoo and ear wipes, and running an inch of warm water in the tub. Cricket does not like to be picked up, and is pretty vocal about it. Her meows take on a panicked note as we get closer to the bathroom. Once in the tub, she doesn’t try to get away, but she will put one or both front paws on the edge of the tub. Her baths are a mixture of baby talk from me, and pitiful meows, hissing, and kitty swear words from her. They finish off with an ear cleaning while she is wrapped in a towel like a kitty burrito. They also involve lots of cookies. We can’t forget the cookies.

A very unhappy Cricket burrito.

A very unhappy Cricket burrito.

Sugar spent the time during Cricket’s bath digging in the garden (which will be fenced off as soon as we prep the soil). Once we got her down the hall and in the tub, she was pretty well behaved. She was also very, very dirty. Billows of dust and sand mixed with tiny bits of grass dirty. She likes the massage part of the bath, but not the rinsing off. No picture of her in the tub, since she decided that the bath was over as soon as I touched the towels. At least I cleaned her ears first. I normally try to get her to shake a few times in the tub, where I can keep the water from going everywhere, but today she hopped out and shook water over everything before I could grab a towel. Oh well.

"I want to run. Not sit here in a stupid towel."

“I want to run. Not sit here in a stupid towel.”

Once her bath is over, Sugar races around the house like a crazy dog. She also goes back into the bathroom to investigate. That’s pretty much the only time she goes in there voluntarily. As bath day also means that her blankets get washed, she spends a fair amount of time rubbing them to make sure they start to smell right. She gets cookies, too.

Cricket will be grouchy for the rest of the day. Sugar is sleeping and waiting to be dry enough to have her collar put back on (she seems to like the tags jingling). Tomorrow will be nail trim day. Woohoo.

Sugar's back to being a shiny dog. I probably should have washed that toy, though.

Sugar’s back to being a shiny dog. I probably should have washed that toy, though.