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I finished book seven yesterday: Death Match by Lincoln Child. I picked this one up at the thrift store, having read and enjoyed several of his books before.

Death Match begins with the double suicide of a married couple. The couple were clients of Eden Incorporated, an agency built around finding a person’s perfect match. Eden hires a forensic psychologist to try and figure out why this “supercouple” had tragically ended their seemingly happy lives. The storyline follows Dr. Lash as he investigates the couple and the company, exposing his own past in the process.

This book was not as good as the other books by Lincoln Childs that I have read, and certainly not as good as the books cowritten by Childs and Douglas Preston. The last third of the book was fairly predictable for me. Part of that may be the similarity to other stories that have come out in recent years (and I’m not saying which ones, to avoid spoiling the book for those who want to read it), but I had figured out whodunit long before the characters did, which decreases my enjoyment of a book somewhat.

Many of the main characters seemed like placeholders, without being as developed as they could have been, given that the main character is a former FBI profiler. There was a side story towards the end involving the main character and his former nemesis that could have been left out, as it didn’t really go anywhere and didn’t fit that well with the rest of the plot. As entertaining brain candy, however, this book fit the bill. It was a quick read, and an interesting subject. Up next, White Smoke: A Novel of Papal Election by Andrew M. Greeley.