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GnottingGecko: DIY Jewelry OrganizerI’ve been in an organizing mood lately. Maybe it’s the new year, or having time to actually work on things, or cold weather keeping me closer to home. Whatever is behind it, I’ve been busy. Our important papers now have folders and files; our manuals and warranties are in sheet protectors in binders. I’ve put leftover wedding supplies up online to sell. I really don’t need 10 tablecloths with matching napkins or 24 pew baskets.

Spider PinI also organized my jewelry. I tend to not wear jewelry if it is not out where I can see it. When we moved here, I finally used the earring holder that I had purchased three years ago to sort and hang my earrings on top of my dresser. I have wanted to do the same thing with my necklaces, especially when I started seeing pins on Pinterest of clever ways other people had organized their jewelry. (Have you seen the ones using an old rake? Love that!)

I started keeping an eye out for something I could use as an organizer. It took a few weeks, but I finally found an old bulletin board at a garage sale for 50 cents. It wasn’t in the best of shape, but that didn’t matter much. A trip to the hardware store for some hooks and our lovely local scrapbook store for paper and I was ready.

I tucked the edges of the paper under the frame.

I tucked the edges of the paper under the frame.

I cleaned the bulletin board thoroughly first, and left it in the sun for a while to make sure it was nice and dry. I trimmed the paper to fit with a little overlap. The cork board part was sealed with Mod Podge and the paper was placed on top. I tucked the edges of the paper under the frame of the board. That sat until the sealer was dry, and then I put a generous coat of Mod Podge on top of the paper. I wanted the background to be patterned, but I didn’t check to see if I could match up the edges of the pattern before I bought it. If I ever need to re-cover the board, I’ll fix that.

Once the jewelry was on there, the seam line was much less obvious.

Once the jewelry was on there, the seam line was much less obvious.

Once that was all dry, I started to plan out where to put the hooks. I have various length necklaces and some bracelets, so I wanted hooks to accommodate all of them and still look nice. A bit of playing around, and I had it. I screwed the hooks into the cork board pretty firmly. I eyeballed it, but if you decide to make one, you may want to measure spaces and use a level.

When the hooks were in, I had a little “Aha” moment. I have quite a few pins and hair barrettes. I generally don’t wear them, but I like to look at them and want to keep them. I realized that I could string some ribbon between two of the hooks and hang the pins from the ribbon. Stickpins could be (and are) attached on a free-hanging piece of the same ribbon.

See how the ribbon is folded over- this gives it a bit of strength to hold the pins.

See how the ribbon is folded over- this gives it a bit of strength to hold the pins.

I folded the ribbon end over itself to give it some strength and hide the rough edge, then threaded it on the hook. Once I figured out how long I needed the piece to be, I cut the ribbon, folded it over, threaded it on the hook, and screwed the hook back into its hole.

Once everything was finished, I sorted and hung my jewelry on the hooks. As I was finishing up, my sister called to chat. When I told her what I was up to, she said “Oh, are you going to put it up on your blog?” Umm…

"Are you sure I can't steal anything?"

“Are you sure I can’t steal anything?”

I took all of the jewelry back off and started taking pictures. Obviously, I didn’t take pictures of the first steps, because I didn’t even think about putting it up here at the time. We’ll just pretend I have a picture of the supplies (honestly, the bulletin board was not that impressive) and of me putting the paper on it (oops). I don’t even have a picture of the packaging that the hooks came in, because the dog kept walking off with the plastic while I was working on the project and I had to throw them away. Sugar’s stealthy that way.

So here it is: my DIY Jewelry Organizer. It cost me under $10 to make, and took about an hour to do. Once it was finished, my wonderful husband hung it on the wall to the side of my dresser (he’s taller than I am). I haven’t organized there yet, so no pictures of it on the wall…

The finished product!

The finished product! What do you think?