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I had intended my third book this year to be Her Fearful Symmetry but that plan was changed when I found a copy of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl for $2 (!) at our thrift store. I had heard many good things about the book, so I bought it (along with three books on dirt road adventures in Utah and Arizona. My husband was very excited.). My sister’s response when I told her that I had picked it up was “That was the best book I’ve read in the last year”, which bumped it to the top of my to-read list. It will probably be the most recently published book I read this year. Most of the books on my to-read shelves are ones that have been out for a while (some of them have been out for decades…).

Gone Girl was riveting. The narrative switches back and forth between a husband and wife, following the story of the wife’s disappearance. Their marriage had been in shambles, and the husband is suspected of murder. No spoilers here- that’s as much of the story as you’ll get from me.

There were many points in the novel where I was unsure which character to root for. I discussed the book with my husband, who wasn’t interested in reading it. Apparently I brought it up frequently, because one afternoon he asked me how the book was going. I guess I hadn’t mentioned it in a day or so.  This is a great book, especially if you like twisted psychological thrillers. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.