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I have a slight problem when it comes to craft projects. It’s a problem involving WIPs.

Closeup of the the tunic. It's been a WIP for a while.

Closeup of the the tunic. It’s been a WIP for a while.

WIPs are Works In Progress, and I have a stack of them. They have built up over time, and there is a definite process that leads up to the project being put in a bag or drawer and temporarily forgotten. Because I love many crafts, I have origami WIPs and scrapbook WIPs, jewelry WIPs and photography WIPs (which reminds me, I should do something with my wedding photos). My biggest pile, however, is crochet WIPs.

Here’s the process:
1. See a picture of something I want to make or find pattern that I love.
2. Acquire the pattern for the project in question.
3. Get all necessary supplies.
4. Excitedly start project.

Here’s where it gets tricky…
5. At some point in the process, especially if it is a bigger or more involved project, I put it down. There’s always a good reason for it. Work gets really busy, I get stuck figuring out where I want to go with it, I want to take a break from the bigger project, I find another project that I love… Okay, there’s usually a good reason for it. Anyway, the project gets put down.
6. Start a new book. Or decide that I need to work up a quick project for something else. Or go on a baking kick. Or get lost on Pinterest (where I usually find more patterns…).

The fate of the WIP in question varies from this point. If it is a project for someone else, I usually have some sort of deadline, either self-imposed or related to a gift-giving occasion. These projects get finished, after a hiatus, usually right at the deadline. If it is a project for me, well…

TunicSome, like this tunic, will get finished soon. The pattern is from the Spring 2010 issue of Interweave Crochet. It was put down twice, but now it is almost done. I just need to attach the button that I bought in San Francisco.





Pterodactyl In Progress

When I’m working out a pattern, I will set it down if I get to the point where it is really frustrating me. This little pterodactyl is not working up the way I’d like, and I still haven’t figured out how I want him to be. I may take it apart and reorient the wings. Meh.

Ripple Blanket

And then there are the ones that have been picked up and put down so often that I sometimes think they’ll never be done. This afghan is one of those. I got the yarn for really cheap at a store that was closing. The pattern is a basic ripple, so it’s great to work on when I just need something to keep my hands busy. The problem is that the pattern is… Well, it’s boring. I get tired of doing the same thing over and over, and put it down to work on something more fun.

Turtle BlanketThe turtle in this one turned out very much larger than I had intended. It’s an adaptation of a pattern, and the yarn is incredibly soft and lovely to work with. One day, I will decide what I want to do to finish it off. At the moment, I’m leaning towards taking out the blue around the shell and making the turtle smaller. The blanket probably won’t still fit inside, but I would be happier with the looks of it.

Little Shark FriendThis little guy is my latest spur of the moment project. I’m working him up in ww yarn to write the pattern, and then I’m going to try him in a lovely laceweight alpaca that I’ve had in my stash for a while and see how he looks as a tiny critter. Thanks for reading my public shaming post. I wrote this in hopes that it would motivate me to finish some of these, especially the ones that I’ve been (not) working on for years. I also rediscovered a couple of WIPs that I had forgotten about…
Happy crafting!