You want me to what?

I was just playing. Poking around the interwebs. Fiddling with blog names and idly reading random blog advice columns while the Netflix rolls in the background. I intended to start a blog someday, but not tonight. Not tonight sitting on our new (used) love seat with the dog stretched out beside me twitching in her sleep. I meant to be a bit more prepared- several posts written in advance, some sort of outline/plan, photos organized and labeled. You know, “ready”.

But here I am, writing my first blog post on my own blog. I’m not even writing it in a word program, where I can see it all at once and edit and tweak to my heart’s content. Oops. I’m writing it in the boxes provided, whose configuration I don’t fully understand. Ah well.

I’m sure I’ll get to the learning and planning later. And the organizing. I’m a gal who will let dry clothes sit in the dryer for days but has her yarn stash organized by color. For now, and I guess for posterity since I’m about to hit the “Publish” button, this is my first blog post, written by impulse and without disturbing the sleeping dog (or cat, for that matter).


Footnote: As I have discovered, the first box was for the main text, the second box labeled the picture, and the third box tagged the post.

PS: I’m leaving that tag there. It makes me laugh every time I see it.